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PBL Charger

The Future of Portable Power

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Charge Wirelessly

Simply place your phone on the PBL

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Anywhere you go

Take the PBL with you and charge wirelessly on-the-go


Dock to Recharge

Just place the PBL on its dock to recharge it

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The PBL is an Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Powerbank that conveniently Docks to Recharge

And here's what people think about it

Actual Product Testers Reviews

The 'Apple' of Wireless Chargers. The PBL is the perfect mix of design and functionality. 

by Steven G. - San Francisco

So slim and portable, well designed and flexible. EVOTech's products are getting cooler and cooler!

by Chigz Tech Reviews - London

Absolute game-changer! I haven't touched a charging cable in two months! Easy 10/10 

by Anthony T. - Seattle

This is literally exactly what I needed in my life. Best part of all is my friends are jealous. 

by Sara B. - New York

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